Sams Disney Diary Episode #100 - Disneyland Soundsational Parade

#100: Disneyland Soundsational Parade

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Disneyland Soundsational Parade
Royal Princess Romantic Melodies float featuring Disney Princesses
Royal Princess Romantic Melodies float featuring Disney Princesses

Since 2011, Disneyland guests have been treated to the daily “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade”.  The afternoon and sometime nighttime parade is led by none other than Mickey Mouse himself with his syncopated drum line. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade travels from Town Square to It’s a Small World with the direction alternating every day.  Mickey is followed by troops or energetic dancers, musicians and many of his friends.

It’s a music celebration… Come on, come on, come on; Strike up the band. Feel the beat. What a great sensation. Come on, come on, come on; Move and clap your hands. Get into the spirit. Let everyone hear it.  So come on, come on Soundsational. Whoa, whoa – hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa – hey, hey!

The history of parades at Disneyland can be traced all the way back to opening day in 1955, with the Opening Day Parade, Mickey’s Soundsational represents the latest and has been entertaining guest since 2011.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade is the first Disneyland parade based on Disney music, allowing multiple properties to be leveraged with the possibility of changing parade segments while keeping the parade as a whole intact.  With the exception of the holiday season and an upcoming break in 2018 during the Pixar Fest, Soundsational has been the go to daily parade at Disneyland Park.  As of 2017, the Mickey’s Soundsational Parade brings the common musical theme to 9 separate parade units and Disney themes.

  1. Disneyland Soundsational Parade - Goofy, Chip & Dale follow the Mickey drum line
    Goofy, Chip & Dale follow the Mickey drum line

    Mickey Strikes Up the Band! Led by a group of six snare drummers, Mickey Mouse himself plays a full size drum set on the center piece of the unit while Minnie greets guests and dances along to Mickey’s beat all with Pluto close behind.   A secondary float featuring Goofy in front of a large drum follows closely behind, pushed by Chip and Dale with Goofy joining the beat playing the large drum.

  2. Aladdin’s Magical Cymbal Celebration The Genie high-steps his way leading a group of Arabian dancers including a golden dancer, followed closely behind by Prince Ali, high atop a drum. The primary float is followed by a banana shop keeper pushing a windup toy version of Abu.
  3. Sebastian’s Calypso Carnival Dancers from under the sea escort the primary float featuring Ariel, the little mermaid and Sebastian. Ariel floats high above the centerpiece featuring a musically talented octopus.  The primary float is followed by a hermit crab keeping the beat and looking a lot like a Main Street Electrical Parade turtle.
  4. Donald's Fiesta Fantastico parade unit. Disneyland Soundsational parade
    Donald’s Fiesta Fantastico parade unit.

    Donald’s Fiesta Fantastico No, you didn’t miss Donald in the opening float; he is here with his friends – The Three Caballeros. Jose Carioca & Panchito Pistoles lead the way with dancing piñatas.  Donald is atop the drum helping to keep the beat, and manning the piñata while flamingo dancers finish the festivities.

  5. Royal Princess Romantic Melodies Rapunzel’s tower can been seen as it’s escorted by a group of dancing princesses who appear to be ready for any ball. The main float not only features Rapunzel and her tower, but Snow White is tending to her wishing well with Aurora sitting nearby on the front of the float. Rapunzel is center with Cinderella and Belle on the rear of the float.  It’s a dream float for any Disney Princess fan.
  6. Terk from Disney's Tarzan joins the "Simba's Beastly Beats Parade unit
    Terk from Disney’s Tarzan joins the “Simba’s Beastly Beats” Parade unit

    Simba’s Beastly Beats Featuring your favorite Disney wild animals, Simba’s Beats includes characters from The Jungle Book, The Lion King and Tarzan. Simba is atop the center piece drum that’s being led by King Louie and Terk in front of some monkey dancers.  Following close behind Simba are a pair of stilt walking dancers.

  7. Tiana’s New Orleans Jazz Jubilee The next parade unit is straight out of Mardi Gras – the leading dance team appears to have just stepped off a Mississippi river boat and started dancing right down Main Street.    Followed by dancers in Mardi Gras themed costumes, it’s the perfect set up for Tiana singing away aboard her riverboat.  With more performers on the float and Louis the alligator, it’s hard to keep from tapping your feet.
  8. Peter Pan’s Neverland Buccaneer Blast Captain Hook and Mr. Smee appear to be on Peter Pan’s trail, and they make an appearance at the base of the next float. Always so close, Peter appears to be toying with the pair.  While that action takes place on the ground, Tinker Bell is the start of this parade unit. High atop the drum, Tink is happy to spread a little pixie dust.  A few butterfly dancers behind the float are a perfect fit and easily could have been part of Tiana’s river boat celebration.
  9. Mary Poppin's Spoonful of Rhythm Parade Unit
    Mary Poppin’s Spoonful of Rhythm Parade Unit

    Mary Poppin’s Spoonful of Rhythm Step-in-time mates, the Chimney Sweeps are just around the corner. The final float is led by Bert and Mary Poppins herself, riding carousel horses straight from the movie.  The finale float is a whimsical look at a classic high wheel bicycle with chimney sweeps riding high and low all to the classic, Step-in-Time.

Sams Disney Diary Episode #100 is a look at the full Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, multi angle recording completed in 2017.  I hope you enjoy it.