A Closer Look at Disneyland Fantasyland vs WDW Magic Kingdom (Pre-WDW Expansion)

#2: Disneyland Fantasyland vs WDW Magic Kingdom Fantasyland

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A Closer Look at Disneyland Fantasyland vs WDW Magic Kingdom (Pre-WDW Expansion)
Sams Disney Diary Episode #2 – Disneyland Fantasyland vs WDW Magic Kingdom Fantasyland

Welcome to Sam’s Disney Diary Episode #2 — Comparing Disneyland’s Fantasyland to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.
With all the talk and focus on the WDW Magic Kingdom Fantasyland expansion a recent trip to California made it the perfect opportunity to compare Disneyland and Walt Disney World Fantasyland “Before” the massive expansion at Walt Disney World, currently under construction.It’s difficult to do a direct comparison ride for ride, some attractions like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh are great Disneyland attractions, but they don’t reside in Fantasyland “per-say” but in another lands all together. Or in the case of Ariel’s Undersea Adventure it’s in a completely different park, but I’ll save that for another show.
Disneyland is full of one-of-a-kind attractions that make fantasyland a must do for any Walt Disney World fan.   Some attractions you know and love like:  Peter Pans Flight, Dumbo, Mad Tea Party, it’s a Small World (The same but bery different) and for now snow White’s Scary Adventure.

While other attractions are old school for Disneyland fans they are refreshing and charming to Walt Disney world fans.  Attractions like Casey Jrs Circus Train, The Storybook land Canal Boats, The Alice in wonderland adventure and Mr. Toad.

Thank you so much for watching….   Here is Episode #2, hope you like it!!!

Sam’s Disney Diary is a way for me to share my experience traveling to various Disney related locations with a family of 5. My passion for Disney Parks started long ago and has since been shared may times with my family. It’s the one place we can all agree is truly “Magical”.
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