#16: Carbon Freeze Me, Casey Jr Splash and Soak Zone and the new Dumbo Queue.

@SamsDisneyDiary Carbon Freeze Me Figurine
@SamsDisneyDiary Carbon Freeze Me Figurine

The last two episodes of Sams Disney Diary were all about Star Wars Weekend 2012;  Episode #14 was a recap of events and the full Legends of the Force Motorcade while Episode #15 focused on my favorite Star Wars Weekend event, the Hyper Space Hoopla.   I covered my personal experience with “Carbon Freeze Me” in Episode #14 here.

Well, it took over a month, but I finally have the results of the experience…   and I love it!!!

After about 6 months, my “Carbon Freeze Me” from Star Wars Weekend 2012 finally arrived!

The figure is about 7 inches tall, and features my face “Frozen” on the Han Solo in carbonate figurine.   The face is mine, the hair line isn’t so it makes it a little difficult to make out, but that’s me.  The experience was first introduced as part of Star Wars Weekend 2012 as a limited engagement.  Disney D-Tech brought back the experience as part of Star Wars Celebration VI at the Orlando Convention Center.Since then, D-Tech “Me” has extended the technology to the “D-Tech Me Princess”.  The 10 minute experience uses the same technology, this time allowing guests ages 3-12 to add their likeness to a three dimensional Disney Princess Figurine.  Choose one of seven princesses.  The experience started August 26 and is offered at World of Disney located in the Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Look for an update on this experience as I accompany my daughter as she becomes a Disney Princess, at least in figurine form.

Kids love the Casey Jr Splash and Soak zone, make sure you come prepared!

The Casey Jr Splash and Soak Station is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.  The theme adds additional background to the story of Storybook Circus.   The circus train has arrived!  Stand in the middle of the soak zone, and you can see all of the tracks and the roundhouse itself.  The Roundhouse is the restrooms and the new Fantasyland WDW Railroad Station.  Of course, every circus has a main act, and in this circus that attraction is the new Dumbo.  In addition to the main attraction, every circus has a secondary act, the act that is constantly looking to get attention.  Who better than Goofy as the Great Goofini for just such an attraction?   Looking at the detail you can see where the elephants walked to the Dumbo attraction, and the monkey tracks headed to the Barnstormer.Some of the circus animals are still in the train cars.  Those are the animals that found the water and started a water battle, and Casey Joined right in.  The train cars are numbered… 71, 82, 89 and 98 (the years each of the Florida Parks opened).

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The Merchantile Cart is loaded with Towels and shoes, come prepared and you won’t need to purchase.

As is the case in every Disney attraction, the music is front and center, but yet in the background.   The synchronization of the water effects with the music is a wonderful touch.   Casey Jr joins the show with the classic…“ I think I can.  I think I can.”, ending with an explosion of water from Casey.  It’s hard to get past the attraction without the little ones running right in…  That’s good, and that’s bad… If you’re a parent you know exactly what I mean.It’s possible to navigate the area without getting wet.  (Look at the ground, it’s not all wet.  Stay in the dry area, and you’re fine.)  Let’s be real.  What kid is going to “NOT” get wet?

The nearby Casey Jr. Railroad Mercantile is nearby and loaded with towels, sun screen, water shoes and various other “water” necessaries…   So COME PREPARED.

A pair of water shoes is essential.  Where the ground is wet it’s very comfortable, but just a foot or two onto the sun baked ground and the ground is too hot for little ones.  Even a walk to the nearby restroom requires shoes.  Pack the backpack or diaper bag accordingly.  A pair of water shoes, a change of clothes, and towels are essential and will keep everyone dry and happy.

In addition to Casey, the second Dumbo and the new Circus Tent (Interactive Queue) have both opened.  Not only has Dumbo doubled in capacity, but the introduction of Fastpass makes it a much more manageable attraction.  Dumbo Fastpass distribution is currently near Mickey’s Philharmagic along with the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Little Ones won’t want to leave the New Dumbo Queue!

For some attractions the addition of Fastpass would have been enough, but the Imagineers took it one step further and Plussed the experience.The standby queue now includes the most interactive play area I’ve ever seen…   (Not only is it indoor and air conditioned, but the little ones will never want to leave…    When you enter you will get a pager, and the little ones can play in the circus tent.  When your ride is ready you get paged to return to Dumbo.

Get a Pager, Play in the Circus, Retun to the Ringmaster and Fly with the Amazing Dumbo.

In other news, we know now that the Fantasyland Forest Expansion will open on December 6, 2012 with previews starting in November…  Here’s hoping my November trip includes a sneak peek at the Forest.  Until then, remember SamsDisneyDiary Episode #5 Features the California Version of the Little Mermaid Undersea Adventure.  Thanks for following.

The only question… Fastpass, or standby with the Circus Tent!!! How about BOTH!

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