#17: The Magic, The Memories and You Tribute (January 18, 2011 – September 3rd 2012)

With little fanfare, today (September 3, 2012) marks the last performance of “The Magic, The Memories and You”.   The show originally premiered on January 18, 2011, as part of the “Let the Memories Begin” marketing campaign.

The Magic, The Memories and You, SamsDisneyDiary
The Magic, The Memories and You, SamsDisneyDiary

The nightly projection show transforms Cinderella’s Castle into a canvas filled with videos and images taken by Disney Photo Pass photographers.  The technology is outstanding!  Imagineering created a digital map of the entire castle (It’s a Small World in California) and positioned projectors with state of the art capabilities to completely engulf the castle.   From the front view, every inch is covered in precise detail.  This allows the castle to be completely transformed into just about anything.  From an It’s a Small world overlay to holiday specials like Gingerbread, the castle is transformed.

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The show also provides the technology to allow new additions as appropriate.  This past spring saw the Valentine’s Day addition including Tangled, Cinderella, Snow White, and Lady and the Tramp.  The summer theme included “Surfin Adventure with Goofy”, Timon and Pumbaa singing Hakuna Matata and a Rocking under the Sea Adventure with Ariel and Sebastian.   Phineas and Ferb got a spot as well.   Disney could easily promote the latest movie or television show.

It’s been a short run, but the technology introduced in “The Magic, The Memories and You” will no doubt be part of the new “Celebrate the Magic” show.

If you search Youtube, you’ll find lots of versions of the show, most of them different.

There is an online version of the show over at http://www.disneymemoriesshow.com/, using your Facebook pictures to create a personal show…   Thanks for following.

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