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#18: Agent P World Showcase Adventure

As everyone is aware, I was a big fan of the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.  I covered it in detail back in SamsDisneyDiary Episode #13.   When I just happened to be in Florida during a play test, I couldn’t stay away.

Cast Member Logo for Agnet P - SamsDisneyDiaryIt’s hard not to compare the New Agent P World Showcase Adventure with its Kim Possible predecessor.  There are lots of things that are basically the same…  The Field Operative Notification Equipment (FONE) is exactly the same as the old Kimmunicator.  No upgrade to a touch screen as had been rumored, or maybe hoped for.   Word is, the flip phone is expected to withstand more abuse than a touch pad would.  The only change to the Samsung device is the logo on the security/RFID Tag.  (During my early play test, the logo was still Kim Possible).   The software is, of course, completely updated.  The new Phineas and Ferb overlay is seamless, and the Imagineers did an outstanding job weaving the new storyline into the original sets.   (The FONE was a little out of sync with the animation, but I’ll chalk that up to the play test).

Back to the story, so how do you get the Field Operative Notification Equipment?  Head towards one of the field stations on the bridge between Future World and World Showcase or one of the carts around World Showcase.  You’ll find the first station on the bridge between Future World and World Showcase.  You’ll be joining the OWCA

Agent P World Showcase Adventure - United Kingdom SamsDisneyDiary
“Kim” is still visible in the United Kingdom Agent-P Adventure

(Organization without a Cool Acronym) and become a secret agent.  The field agent will ask you for the first letter of your last name; I was Agent “M”.   A few tricks…  You need to pick up a Fast Pass for a FONE at any of the field stations.  As of this recording, the old KP Fast Pass distributions in Innoventions had not re-opened (and may not).  With the popularity of Agent-P, this has created a queue during peak times at the first field station, (The main station on the bridge between Future World and World Showcase). That main station is the only station open at 9:00 am when Epcot opens.  The others stations open with World Showcase at 11 am.  So if you want to be part of the first missions of the day at 11:00, you need to get your Fast Pass from the main station before 11:00 when Future World opens.    The other field stations around World Showcase are less crowded, so head toward The United Kingdom (Near the International Gateway), or Italy just past the American Adventure, or between Mexico and Norway.  If you’re entering the park from the front, head toward the Norway Station.  (Head left just past Mexico – you can also get to this station if you’re attending a princess breakfast in Norway).  It will have the shortest line when World Showcase opens.  If you’re an Epcot resort guest arriving via the International Gateway, grab yours at the entrance.Once you get your FONE, you’ll be assigned a country…  Mexico, France, Germany, Norway, China, Japan, or the United Kingdom.  (You can ask for a specific country and can usually be accommodated).  Each country has about 9-12 “events”…   I take a closer look at some of the UK ”Events” in the Video.

The setup is pretty much the same for each country and very familiar to anyone that has watched Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel.   The family just happens to be vacationing in the country, and Perry is lost.  (Or so it seems.  Agent-P is tracking Dr. Doofenshmirtz; Phineas and Ferb decide what they are going to do today, and Candace can’t wait to tell Mom what the boys are up to.  All the while, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is working on his evil plans and his latest “inator”.

The setting for the UK revolves around a golf tournament.   (Not surprisingly, it’s the same theme from Kim Possible).   A group of scientists are holding their annual golf tournament in the UK, but they need a new challenging course.  Phineas and Ferb decide to build the course…  Candace tries to tell Mom they are bulldozing the country.   Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is participating in the tournament in order to win the “lifetime supply of spiky golf shoes” so he can step all over Perry the Platypus.  To ensure his victory, he has developed the precipitator-inator that will wash his competition away.  It’s up to you to stop him.

(Sams Disney Diary Video Episode #18 below – Click the Photo to Play, the Blog contiues after the video, so keep reading)

Agent P World Showcase Adventure - United Kingdom - SamsDisneyDiary
The “Mad to a Tea” mission involves cast member interaction to retrieve the secret password

The true beauty of the adventure is the interaction with elements through the pavilions.  As I mentioned before, there are about  9 or so “Events” depending on the country.   You will need to complete 4-5 events before you can proceed to the final showdown.  There is some re-play ability.  You won’t get the same missions in the same order the next time you play.  You could get completely different elements, outside of the final element.  The events are located throughout the pavilion, but limited to that country.  (Note: Everyone does the same final event).  Your events are somewhat random.  The program used to select your next event takes into account crowd flow and others participating in the same adventure.   If someone just started the “Putt of Doom” event, you may get the “Sting like a Butterfly” event.  This allows maximum crowd flow, and helps to reduce any queues that may build outside of any one element.  The events will take you into World Showcase areas that you normally wouldn’t notice. You will be able to interact with props that you would normally walk by.  So it is fun for everyone.  It also provides the ability for new events to be added or events to be updated without taking the adventure off line.  As of now, there are plans for additional elements specific to Phineas and Ferb.  The current elements are mainly recycled from Kim Possible and the story woven into the new attraction.  Imagineers needed to use a golf setting for the United Kingdom, as most of the Kim Possible leftovers had something to do with golf.   Adding new elements will allow the Imagineers to provide sets specific to the Phineas and Ferb characters.Some of the missions I participated in included “Data Hunt”, “Putt of Doom”, “Made to a Tea” (Get the Chai Tea Bag from the cast member) and “Sting like a Butterfly” (Love the mating call), with the final showdown being the “Water Hazard”.

Agent-P World Showcase Adventure - united Kingdom - SamsDisneyDiary
You will get a random selection of 4 or 5 missions, they all end with “Water Hazard” behind the Winnie the Pooh Meet and Great

I mentioned before that the last event was the same in each country, which means the game ends in the same spot.  Now don’t get me wrong, the adventure is great for kids and adults.  Like most video games, some kids may want to play again and again.  I say, if you have time, let them.  Go with them the first time to get your feel for the game and see things you haven’t noticed before.  But the second or third time, let the kids have at it… take advantage of the time.

The Precipitator- inator for example is flooded in the back of the UK pavilion, behind the Winnie the Pooh meet and greet area in a spot where there are lots of benches and lots of things to check out.  So, grab a pint and some fish and chips, and relax on one of the benches.  Enjoy Epcot while the kids are saving the world from Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  Then move to the next country and start all over….   Hope you enjoyed this quick look at Agent P World Showcase Adventure, and thanks again for watching Sams Disney Diary…

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