Mickey Greets Guests at the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

#19: WDW Magic Kingdom – Welcome Show

The Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Welcome Show is among my favorite performances.  There is no better way to start a magical day than with a catchy tune like, “Good morning.  Good morning.  It’s great to stay up late.  Good morning.  Good morning to you and you and you and you”.   It is after all the first thing you’ll experience… the anticipation of a day at the Magic Kingdom and the beginning of a day full of memories… “Let the Memories Begin”.

Mickey Greets Guests at the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show
Mickey arrives via the Walt Disney World Railroad to greet guests during the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

The show is performed once a day, just about every day (always double check).  It takes place in front of the Walt Disney World Train Station just after you enter the park, but before crossing under the railroad.  There will be a rope across the entrance to Town Square, hence the term “Rope Drop”.    The show stage is the Walt Disney World Railroad Station with standing room only inside the turnstiles near the Mickey floral.  The only restroom available before rope drop is outside the turnstile.  You will need to exit the Magic Kingdom to use the restroom then re-enter the park, so plan accordingly.The show starts just about 10 minutes before official park opening.  So if the Magic Kingdom opens at 9 am, you can expect the Welcome Show to start at about 8:50 am.  Be sure to check the park hours.  Also, make sure to check the schedule for Morning Extra Magic Hours (EMH).   Morning Extra Magic Hours allow resort guests access to the Magic Kingdom 1 hour earlier than regular guests.   On those days, the Welcome Show is moved up to the EMH opening (Typically one hour earlier).   A 9 am opening on an Extra Magic Morning is an 8 am opening for WDW Resort Guests.  The Welcome Show is moved to accommodate the 8 am opening, starting at about 7:50 am.   In order to participate in Extra Magic Morning Hours, you will need a valid resort room key to enter the turnstile; you can NOT enter the park until 9:00 (or standard opening) without a resort key.  If you’re NOT a resort guest, it is best to avoid the park on Extra Magic Mornings.

The Main Street Railroad station Doubles as the Welcome Show Stage

The show is only 6 minutes, but it’s worth the early morning.   The show starts 10 minutes before park opening inside the Magic Kingdom turnstile, so plan accordingly.  If you’re entering the parking lot or just getting on your resort bus or monorail 30 minutes before park opening,   YOU WON’T MAKE IT!!!   Take into account travel time to the front gate, including security.  If you’re driving to the Magic Kingdom, you’ll need to park, take the parking lot tram to the Transportation Center, take the monorail or boat ride to the front of the park, then go through security and the turnstile (Assuming you have your ticket – If not, plan extra time at the Ticketing Center.  For Disney resort guests, you’ll most likely be on a bus from your resort.  Depending on the route, they may be crowded especially if your bus stops at multiple locations.  If you’re at a resort on the monorail loop, you have the easiest commute but still need to get through bag check and the turnstile.  If you’re taking a boat from Fort Wilderness, you need time to make it over.  The bottom line is… plan accordingly.  You need to be at the turnstile 20-30 minutes before park opening.  (And as mentioned before, use the restroom at the Magic Kingdom gate before entering in).  The show isn’t long, but, like the slogan says… it is where the memories begin.

(Sams Disney Diary Video Episode #19 below – Click the Photo to Play, the Blog contiues after the video, so keep reading)

The show will be hosted by one of the Main Street Citizens.  Smokey Miller, the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, was the host during my latest visit and is in the Video Edition of SamsDisneyDiary #19.  The host is joined by the Main Street Singers.  The Main Street Singers are an attraction all themselves, and you can catch them later in the morning “Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street U.S.A.”.  For the Morning Show, they do a verse of “Good Morning” which was first used in the 1939 movie “Babes in Arms”.   My youngest has an interesting observation with the lyrics.  “Dad, Why is it great to stay up late?”  The lyrics are “Good Morning.  Good Morning.  It’s great to stay up late.  Good Morning.  Good Morning to you and you and you……   Now the Milkman’s on his way.  It’s too late to say good night”.   Turns out the “gang” was having so much fun they forgot to sleep, so Good Morning.  My little guy had me stumped, but I found the answer!

The Train is full of characters all headed to Main Street U.S.A.

That song finished just in time for the arrival of the Walt Disney World Railroad and then a musical transition to Casey Jr. coming down the track and “Zip a dee do dah”.  The train will be loaded with Mickey and his friends ready to open the park and start the day in the most magical place on earth.The show is more than worth getting up a little early.  There is nothing better than watching a small child see Mickey and the gang in person for the first time.  Look!  It’s Mickey!!!  And a full day of the Magic Kingdom!!  You’ll be amazed at how much you can do before lunch when you get the early start…  But remember, plan accordingly.  Avoid Extra Magic Mornings and during peak season.  Be inside the turnstile 20-30 minutes before park opening.    Where to first??  That’s a topic for another video…   Thanks again for watching…  visit my full blog at www.samsdisneydiary.com, like us on Facebook facebook.com/samsdisneydiary e-mail samsdineydiary@mail.com and all the videos over on youtube.com/samsdisneydiary….   and watch for the audio podcast.

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