#39: FIFA World Cup 2014 at Walt Disney World

World Cup Brackets as seen at the ESPN World Cup "Odyssey Center"
World Cup Brackets as seen at the ESPN World Cup “Odyssey Center”

Are you a FIFA World Cup Fan?  Not sure where to watch the games while visiting Walt Disney World?  Disney has you covered, and covered in a big way!!  Every game will be broadcast in the United States on a Disney owned network (ESPN, ESPN2 & ABC).  Not only does Disney have you covered now, they had you covered during Epcots Flower and Garden Festival this past fall.  Remember the “Soccer Goofy” topiary that premiered at Flower and Garden?  Well, it turns out that topiary is tied directly to the FIFA 2014 World Cup.  While all of the other topiaries have been removed, Soccer Goofy is still in place and is directing guests to the 2014 World Cup Headquarters located at the “Odyssey Center” in Epcot.   The Odyssey Restaurant is the building located on the bridge between Test Track and Mexico, best known for the first-aid / baby care location and restrooms.

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World Cup Merchandise Selection at the Odyssey
World Cup Merchandise Selection at the Odyssey

Of course, I had my camera and did my best to capture the ESPN FIFA 2014 World Cup Walt Disney World Headquarters.

The Odyssey Restaurant is now the “Odyssey Center”, and it’s been converted to the ESPN FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup Headquarters.  The Odyssey has been converted into a World Cup Heaven, with multiple HD TVs, a big screen projection, couches, tables, outlets, a bar and snack bar.  The Odyssey is the place to watch World Cup action.   The Odyssey is open for every World Cup match, from June 12th through the final on July 13th.   Check ESPNFC.com for times once the round of 16 starts.   The Odyssey is just the beginning for viewing options.  If you are staying at a Disney resort, you’ll find every game on your in-room TV: ESPN (Channel 19), ESPN2 (Channel 20) and ABC (Channel 8).   You can leverage Disney’s Park internet access and use

The former Odyssey Restaurant has ben converted to the Odyssey Center, the ESPN FIFA WDW Headquarters

WatchESPN.com or download the app, or leverage the good ole AM radio with ESPN Radio 580.   If you’d rather watch with a crowd, you’ll find viewing locations all over Walt Disney World property, check with the front desk of your resort.  Every property has at least one viewing location, most with multiple locations.  In addition, you’ll find viewing locations at select bars and restaurants at Downtown Disney, and ESPN Wild World of Sports.   Looking for merchandise?  You got it, and you’ll find it at select locations including the Odyssey, Mouse Gear, Epcot countries, Pop Century, the All-Star Resorts, Downtown Disney, ESPN Club and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.   You can also test your soccer skills at the Disney soccer experience near Germany in world showcase.

Draft Beer Selection at the Odyssey during FIFA Matches, Samuel Adams Seasonal (Summer), Florida Lager, Racer 5 and Safari Amber
Draft Beer Selection at the Odyssey during FIFA Matches, Samuel Adams Seasonal (Summer), Florida Lager, Racer 5 and Safari Amber

The main attraction is the Odyssey Center in Epcot.  I can’t think of a better place to get out of the heat, grab a snack, and take in some World Cup action.  The snack bar is a little limited with basic snacks such as Mickey Pretzels, popcorn, roasted almonds,  pecans & chips, a sandwich and wrap.  Remember, you can always grab something (Mexico is nearby) and bring it in.  I did find the beer selection interesting, Samuel Adams Seasonal (Summer), Florida Lager, Racer 5 and Safari Amber.    Safari Amber being the “Animal Kingdom” special lager, I’ve never seen it served outside of Animal Kingdom.

Keep in mind that the Odyssey is only open during World Cup matches.  Download the schedule at ESPNFC.com and relax with a lager watching the World Cup right in the middle of Walt Disney World.

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