#56: The Great Movie Ride Post Show Montage Update

Hollywood Studios Great Movie Ride
Hollywood Studios Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride is a Hollywood Studios original, an opening day attraction dating back to May 1st 1989.  Its history can be directly linked to the development of the entire park, but that’s a story for another video and blog.

In 2014, Disney and Turner Classic Movies signed an agreement that included sponsorship of the Great Movie Ride; this sponsorship included some refurbishments including a new pre-show, new post show and new onboard ride narration.


SamsDisneyDiary Episode #56: The Great Movie Ride Update

The signage around the attraction has changed slightly, and the queue now features animated movie posters and a much longer pre-show loop.  I have always been personally fond of the post show video montage, a short video at the end of the attraction that takes riders on a nostalgic look at the movies.  With the addition of the new Turner Classic Movies sponsorship comes an updated post show montage.  While everyone will have an opinion, one of the best parts of the update is the move to all digital projection.  While the video has been updated many times

New Photo Opportunity at the end of the Great Movie Ride - put your hands in the stars...
New Photo Opportunity at the end of the Great Movie Ride – put your hands in the stars…

since opening – adding Pirates, Nemo and many other recent productions – the TCM update is a complete redo – while lots of the scenes are the same, the net result is many more clips and movies represented.

I took the opportunity to create a video with both the 2014 and 2015 versions of the post show.   The video featured in this blog has the full pre-refurb ending montage and the complete post-refurb montage.   Hope you enjoy.

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