The Muppets Great Moments in History - But Just the American Parts

#75: The Muppets Present: Great Moments in American History

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SamsDisneyDiary Episode #75 - The Muppets present Great Moments in American History. The Gang is all here for a salute to all nations but mostly America... wait, wrong park, sorry

The Muppets are coming, the Muppets are coming…

This past October (2016) saw the debut of “The Muppets Present: “Great Moments in American History” at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom.

The show takes place daily at the Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square, near the Hall of Presidents. The approximately 10 minute live show has multiple versions, currently “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” and “The Signing of the Declaration of Independence”.  Multiple versions of the show provide some re-watchability and provide room for additional versions of the show.  These shows rotate with multiple show times daily.  Show times typically start at 9:30am and are scheduled multiple times with the last around 1:50.  The 1:50 show is typically the last before the Festival of Fantasy Parade which starts at 3:00.  Check your times guide, there may be one last show after the parade.

The show takes place in Liberty Square between the Hall of Presidents and the Heritage House. James Jefferson, or JJ, the town crier of Liberty Square will gather the crowd to hear some of America’s most

SamsDisneyDiary Episode #75 - The Muppets present Great Moments in American History. The Show takes place in liberty square, best viewing is between the Ol Christmas shop and the liberty tree

hallowed stories.  Sam the Eagle is quick to join from high above the Hall of Presidents, always ready for a patriotic salute to all nations, but mostly America – wait wrong park;-) Kermit the Frog joins from the second floor of the Heritage House, and convinces Sam the Eagle that guests would prefer a more “entertaining show”; with an approving

SamsDisneyDiary Episode #75 - The Muppets present Great Moments in American History. Fozzie Bear performs during Great Moments in American History

vote from the audience, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo the Great along with his chickens, join in the fun and storytelling.   The best viewing locations are between the Liberty Tree and the ‘Ole Christmas Shop; but with all of the action, except JJ, on the second floor or higher, there are really no bad spots in the area.

All in all, it’s a great 10 minute show and perfect use of a location that was hidden in plain sight for 45 years. The show is timed around the Hall of Presidents shows and the Festival of Fantasy Parade.  It’s a great addition of a franchise that has historically been overlooked by Disney – And “Great moments in History” wasn’t the only Muppet addition on my latest trip…but, I’ll save that for a future episode of SamsDisneyDiary.  Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel at

SamsDisneyDiary Episode #75: The Muppets Present Great Moments in History Click to watch video below.



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