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#86: 12 Days of Christmas #11: Epcot Holidays Around the World Musical Tour

SamsDisneyDiary #86: Epcot Holidays Musical Tour

Welcome to Sams Disney Diary 12 Days of Christmas 2016!  Day #11 – Epcot Holidays around the World – Musical Tour. On the last episode of SamsDisneyDiary, we focused on the holiday story tellers around World Showcase.  This time, let’s take a musical tour around World Showcase.   Music is such an important piece of any

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#85: 12 Days of Christmas #10: Epcot Holidays Around the World – A Norwegian Tale

SamsDisneyDiary 85 Holidays around the World

Welcome to Sams Disney Diary 12 Days of Christmas 2016!  Day #10 – Epcot Holidays around the World – A Norwegian Tale. Epcot Holidays around the World is an annual holiday celebration, and Epcot’s 3rd annual “festival” – not only around World Showcase, but all of Epcot. Similar to the Flower and Garden and Food

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#69: Frozen around World Showcase… Frozen Drinks that is..

Sams Disney Diary Episode #69 - Frozen around World Showcase.. Frozen Drinks that is

I’m sure you’re aware that Frozen Ever After will be opening in Epcots Norway pavilion, replacing Maelstrom.  At this point the Maelstrom attraction has been closed since October 2014, almost a year and a half ago.  The construction walls went up about a year ago between Mexico and the Norway pavilion, the location for the

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#55: Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie

Visit an empty France Pavilion, any day of the week: Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie.  Opening at 9am, Less Halles Boulanderie & Patisserie offers a unique opportunity to visit France before World Showcase Opens at 11am With little fanfare, compared to Starbucks in all four parks, Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie opened in World Showcase’s France

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#44: Lumberjacks Invade Epcot’s Canadian Pavilion!

After nearly 17 years of continuous performances, Off Kilter, the Canadian Celtic-Rock Band played its last set at “The Mill Stage” on September 28th 2014. The Mill Stage was quickly updated and opened just 7 days later on October 5th, 2014.  This time the sounds of Celtic Music were replaced with the sounds of Chain

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#41: Hidden Epcot Surprise, be a Canadian Ranger!

When I tell my non-Disney Nerd friends I’m headed back to Walt Disney World, I get the same reaction and puzzled look, again? My answer is always the same, “Yep, again!” I’ve given up trying to convince most of them. It does bother me to know the only experience some of them will have is

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#27: Epcot Segway Tour (A look back at the World Showcase Segway Tour)

SamsDisneyDiary Episode #27 – Epcot Segway Tour (A look back at the World Showcase Segway Tour) Last year (2012) I had the opportunity to take part in the Epcot “Around the World Segway Tour” (June). I enjoyed the tour so much I did it again on my next trip. This time it was the “Keep

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#20: Illuminations: Reflections of Earth!!!

It’s not a secret that EPCOT Center (ok… Epcot) is one of my favorite places!  In my last blog, I talked about my experiences at the Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration on October 1, 2012.  Not sure if you noticed, but I didn’t ride anything.  The attractions are secondary, although I can’t wait for the new

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#18: Agent P World Showcase Adventure

Cast Member Logo for Agnet P - SamsDisneyDiary

As everyone is aware, I was a big fan of the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.  I covered it in detail back in SamsDisneyDiary Episode #13.   When I just happened to be in Florida during a play test, I couldn’t stay away. It’s hard not to compare the New Agent P World Showcase Adventure with

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#13: Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure and the future with Agent P

Kim Possible Recruting Station Sign

As part of the Imagineering Living Character Initiative, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure opened in January 2009; although early game testing and development can be traced back to 2006. I personally played the game in early 2009, and I can honestly say it is (was) outstanding!!! I know the game had its critics, as

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