One thought on “Sams Disney Diary 34 HalloWishes (5)

  1. Sorry Thad, but I don’t agree. When Ron Miller and Card Walker were at the helm, Disney may have become more crsaeovntive and risk averse , but there was still the unmistakable Disney look and feel to everything they produced. I know you don’t care much for Disney yourself, but for those of us that grew up loving Disney films the loss of that Disney “look” is extremely disheartening. I think you know very well that I’m specifically criticizing the way Eisner and Iger have forsaken the Disney in-house look and gone for all of these very unDisneylike shows and movies, indistinguishable from everybody else’s product. Let’s be honest – you WB fans were aghast at what they did to the Looney Tunes characters when they did that idiotic “Loonatics Unleashed” show, as well you should be. I see this revisionist approach to The Seven Dwarfs as being just as bad as that.