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#13: Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure and the future with Agent P

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Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Kept Kids occupied from January 2009 until May 2012

As part of the Imagineering Living Character Initiative, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure opened in January 2009; although early game testing and development can be traced back to 2006. I personally played the game in early 2009, and I can honestly say it is (was) outstanding!!! I know the game had its critics, as just about every Disney attraction does, but they missed part of the magic. Most of the issues were resolved early, which were mostly crowd control and noise (The occasional child running through the stores in Japan or China noted). The main criticism I’ve heard is “replay ability”. Sure, for an adult, doing the same mission multiple times could get somewhat mundane. But that isn’t what the attraction is about. The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure combined state of the art technology with an active adventure sending players on missions throughout Epcot’s World Showcase.

Sams Disney Diary Episode #13 Below (Blog continues below video)

The Adventure, included with park admission, started at one of the recruiting stations:  inside Innovations, on the walkway between Future World and World Showcase, near Norway, and one at the International Gateway.  You could join the team as early as 9am when Future World opens, and the adventure would begin at 11am when World Showcase officially opens.  Give the cast member your park ticket in exchange for a Fast Pass, and arrive at the destination at the pre-determined time to pick up your Kimmunicator.

Now Recruting – Kim Possible Agents
World Showcase kimmunicator
The Kimmunicator is your connection to “Wade” and defeating evil

More impressive, the attraction would take you deeper into each country, into shops and gardens that you may not have visited otherwise.  While the kids played, mom and dad could explore areas that the kids just wouldn’t have been interested in otherwise.   Or, if they decided to do the same adventure a second time (and they would), mom and dad could wait near the finish, sit back, enjoy the scenery, have a glass of wine and unwind.  Where else could you do that??!!

I tried to capture a small sample of items that became part of the adventure.  Sam’s Disney Diary Episode #13 looks at one of the adventures in The United kingdom pavilion, along with some future and concept art.   So, if the attraction is so great….  Why close it???

Close it they are not.  Update it they are… (Must be Star Wars Weekend while I type….)

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After finding the hideout in the UK, use your Kimmunicator to “Flood” out the villains.

Here is the History: an early version of the attraction was “play tested” in the summer of 2006.  On a side note, that testing included a final encounter with Shego and Dr. Drakken in the upstairs of the Image Works at the Imagination pavilion, marking the first time it was open to the public since 1998, and the last time it was open to the public.  With that testing in 2006, it’s a safe bet that concept development could have happened as early as 2004.  In 2004, Kim Possible was set to be the franchise of the future at Disney.  In 2002, the first episode of the Kim Possible series “Crush” was nominated for a Primetime E

mmy, and Kim Possible was the highest rated show on the Disney Channel.  Kim Possible looked to be the franchise of the future for Disney.  Kim was the obvious choice to battle the forces of evil around World Showcase.  Times…they do change, and change fast…   The last original episode of Kim Possible “Graduation” aired on September 9, 2007.  Meaning, when Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure opened in January 2009, the show had been off the air for 16 months (Ouch).

It’s obvious, at least to me, that Disney is a marketing machine.  The attraction did everything but push merchandise… not many kids asked for Kim Possible T-Shirts or Naked Mole Rat plush toys.  The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure closed on May 18, 2012.

The solution…Design an overlay.  Leverage as much of the existing technology and displays and “overlay” the missions with some new twists while harnessing one of the most popular Disney Channel original “tween” series ever.

Agent P's World Showcase Adventure Logo
Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure – Set to open “Late June 2012”

Enter Phineas and Ferb: Agent-Ps World Showcase Adventure.  Talk about a merchandising opportunity.  Out with the mole rat (Sorry Rufus), and in with the platypus (Perry, aka, Agent-P)!  Those T-shirts are already in the parks, along with a meet and greet over at Hollywood Studios.  It’s a natural fit!The back story from Disney Files Magazine:  “Perry, the anthropomorphic platypus also known as Agent P on the animated series “Phineas and Ferb”, has become locked in a cat carrier while his host family is on vacation.  So the O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym) is recruiting Epcot Guests to step into Agent P’s missions.  Look for the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure to replace Kim Possible’s World Showcase Adventure this summer, and watch for additions to the interactive experience this fall.”  The experience is expected to open in late June 2012.

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Disney recently released concept art and a short video on the official Disney Park Blog.   The Zip Line appears to be in France, while the barrel is in Germany.   It’s easy to spot some of the obvious changes, but I’m most intrigued by the statement, “Watch for additions to the interactive experience this fall.”  Does that mean not all 7 countries will be ready day one?   Or are there even more “new” adventures to be found?    Either way, my kids can’t wait, and I can’t wait to experience what Agent P has in store for us.Thanks for reading and watching   You can contact me via email at, twitter @SamsDisneyDiary and get all the video by subscribing to the youtube channel at