Yeeha Bob Jackson at Port Orleans Riverside... a Must See show that's FREE

#29: Yehaa Bob: Port Orleans Riverside: A Closer Look

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In my last blog and video, I took a tour of Port Orleans Riverside (Episode #28) which, in my opinion, is the best moderate resort in Walt Disney World.  With features such as boat rentals, a campfire, a fishing hole, ‘ol Man Island, bike rentals, a large arcade and a full marina, Riverside offers amenities typically found at deluxe resorts, at a moderate price.  If you missed Episode #28, be sure to check it out.  To get all of the latest videos, be sure to subscribe to  You’ll also get my latest video series SamsDisneyDiary in the WDWFanZone.  The full blog is at, and you can get all the updates by following me on twitter @SamsDisneyDiary.

The River Roost at Port Orleans Riverside is host to Yehaa Bob Wednesday - Saturday.
The River Roost at Port Orleans Riverside is host to Yehaa Bob Wednesday – Saturday.

In this episode, we are heading back to Port Orleans Riverside… this time headed directly to the River Roost Lounge.  Starting at about 8:30 pm Wednesdays through Saturdays this is where you will find the one and only “Yehaa” Bob (Bob Jackson).  Bob has been tickling the ivories of his custom ragtime piano since 1997.  And believe me, Bob is a master of ragtime, and a master of encouraging audience interaction.  If you’re looking for a “Yehaa” of a good time, this is the place to be.

Earlier this year (2013), “Yehaa” Bob Jackson received the prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award.  This annual award is the highest honor a Disney Parks and Resorts Cast Member can receive.  It is given for “Keeping the magic alive through exemplary performance and commitment to the traditions and ideals established by Walt Disney”.

The show starts 8:30 and runs till about 11:45. Some of the songs may be the same, but the show is always different.  Starting at around 8:15, Bob will mingle with the audience.  If you are celebrating anything special, be sure to let him know.  It’s also a good time to put in any special song requests.

Bob always has time to pose for a picture and sign an autograph.
Bob always has time to pose for a picture and sign an autograph.

The 8:30 – 11:45 show time works well.  If you’re staying at Riverside and spending the day at a park, you will most likely be getting back to the resort in that time frame.  Consider getting off the bus at the main stop, and you’ll be sure to hear the activities at the lounge.  The River Roost is next to the River Mill Food Court, so heading to your room first to grab your resort mug is a good idea too.  You’re also able to grab some food in the food court and bring it to the River Roost.  You may want to be a few minutes early if you want a table.   Table service is also available; remember the River Roost is a full service bar, complete with drink specials and appetizers.  River Roost also accepts Disney’s Tables in Wonderland Discount…  Try that with a dining package 😉

Bob always has time to pose for a picture and sign an autograph.
Bob always has time to pose for a picture and sign an autograph.

Any way you slice it, it’s a great night cap to an incredible Disney day.   Best part, NO additional cost!  In fact, you don’t even need to be staying at Riverside.   If you’re not staying at Riverside, you can catch a Sasagoula River taxi from Downtown Disney, or just grab a bus from the TTC or any park to Port Orleans (You’ll want the stop closest to the Riverside Lobby).  If you have a car, just let the guard know you’re looking for Yehaa Bob.  The river taxi and bus, like all Disney transportation, is complementary.   Look for the river taxi location with a yellow flag.  This services both Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside.   You’ll also get to see the Tree House Villas along the river on the way.  The stop for the yellow flag is the “Marketplace” dock near the Rainforest Café.   (This could change with the introduction of Disney Springs; get the wrong boat, and you’ll end up at Saratoga Springs or the Tree House Villas.)

The show itself is broken into 3 sets.  Of course, the most popular and kid friendly is the first show at 8:30.  Bob is always aware of his audience and will

Yehaa Bob, a must do at Walt Disney World
Yehaa Bob, a must do at Walt Disney World

adjust the songs accordingly.   You’ll hear “Head and Shoulder, Knees and Toes” and songs kids are sure to know during the first set…  As the evening goes on, you’ll hear songs like “Hey Jude” or “Piano Man”, with the last set including songs like “I like Beer”.    The crowd will thin out as the night goes on as well, but the show is just as entertaining.   During the two breaks, Bob is happy to take photos, sign autographs and sell a CD or two.

If your in the river roost before the show, you can grab a quick picture and put in any requests.
If your in the river roost before the show, you can grab a quick picture and put in any requests.

Overall the show is a fun way to cap off the day, but it is an audience participation show and does get loud.  If you’re looking for a quiet evening and night cap, you may want to try Muddy Rivers (the pool side bar) or enjoy the River Roost on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.  (Muddy Rivers is open till 9:30pm)

Bob has his own website and posts his full schedule over at   You will also find his CDs and T-Shirts.

Of course, I had my video equipment ready to go along with my trusty tripod, and I was able to capture one of Bob’s full first sets.  Yep, I was the guy with the tripod on the table 😉  Remember, there is nothing like being there in person.  If you’re visiting Walt Disney World and looking for something different, head over to Riverside and look for Bob.  I leave you now with Yehaa Bob Jackson… and a lot of him!   I personally enjoy just closing my eyes and listening.  It takes me back to the River Roost and one of my many evenings with Yehaa Bob!!!

You can watch the full set in the video below… It’s long, but I love it!!!

It’s a long video and podcast, but it includes a full, uninterrupted set from one of Bobs shows…  Follow me on twitter @SamDisneyDiary and subscribe to the Youtube channel at for all the latest videos.


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