#60: World of Color Celebrate

World of Color Celebrate
California Adventures World of Color Celebrate

When I visited Disney California Adventure back in 2011, I was blown away by the night time spectacular World of Color (Check out Episode #8 for details). It’s the natural

evolution of Disney’s night time entertainment, combining just about every trick in Disney’s book.   As I noted back in Episode #8, the technology allows elements of the show to be updated and changed. Things like Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron and holiday elements can be added as needed.

World of Color Celebrate included a few surprises.
World of Color Celebrate included a few surprises.

What I didn’t consider was the possibility of the entire show being replaced for a yearlong celebration – That’s exactly what World of Color – Celebrate is. Celebrate is a tribute to Walt Disney and the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, a completely new show from beginning to end.

A cohesive story and history lesson chronicling the creation of Mickey Mouse, movie development from Snow White to Frozen and of course, Disneyland – complete with tributes to classic attractions.   Add a guest host – Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse and you have a 60th Anniversary celebration that Walt couldn’t have imagined…   incredible and the subject of SamsDisneyDiary #60, Here’s hoping Animal Kingdoms River of Light incorporates some of this incredible technology!

SamsDisneyDiary Episode #60 – World of Color Celebrate


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